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As an executive coach for organizational leaders, I help executives and other leaders engage in the self-work needed to create a successful, thriving work life. For my clients, leadership isn’t simply about leading a team — it’s becoming a more fully developed version of themselves so they can build momentum within their companies and create relationships that matter. With an evidence-based, practical and direct approach, I combine science, personality assessment and communication to discover your goals and help you carry out new ways of thinking and being for a happier, more effective you.

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My Approach

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As a corporate VP and Chief People Officer experienced in creating a vibrant work culture, it was my job to cultivate a work environment that brings out the best in people. I’ve seen firsthand the obstacles that many talented leaders and executives face, and that’s why I offer coaching as an effective intervention for those who are ready for change. 

Working with both corporations and individuals, my services focus on opening the line of communication, understanding the problems, and helping you find and execute on solutions.  Interpersonal conflict resolution is a strong suit of mine but so is simply helping you find the right words to have difficult conversations with colleagues and/or direct reports. Because of my background in organizational development and culture creation, don’t be surprised if our work together results in your ability to foster better relationships with your team and more positivity in the general work environment you oversee.

Beginning with needs assessment interviews and personality-style assessments like the Enneagram or MBTI, my approach is evidence-based. I establish key themes through colleague feedback via confidential interviews which guide our work so we can discover which areas need to be addressed and ensure that we meet your unique objectives. With these factors in mind, I build a custom coaching program that is entirely geared towards what you need to grow and thrive as a leader. 

With equal parts candor and empathy, you’ll discover methods of change and personal growth in a supportive environment. Although I am always direct with feedback, I somehow am able to convey the challenging material in a way that you can really hear and accept.  From there, I will support you while you acquire new skills and evolve your leadership capabilities.

Who I Work With

I work with high-potential leaders ready to become the best version of themselves so their teams can thrive and grow. I see my clients as creative and resourceful people who recognize the power of personal change and see coaching as an asset for growth. My clients are executives who care about personal effectiveness, retention and collaboration but feel stalled or struggling to move forward. Some of them have known great success but they’ve hit a difficult juncture and need help to traverse it. 

In addition to executive coaching, I also facilitate team building, resolve intractable conflicts and facilitate the use of a 360 degree feedback instrument for an individual or your entire organization— all with the overarching goal of leader development, creation of a healthier workplace or to build up a team to meet their organizations’ thorniest challenges.

If you’re transitioning into a new role, experiencing change or conflict in your organization or just feeling stuck but ready to work through obstacles, I think I can help.  

I’ve worked across a wide variety of industries including finance, technology, real estate, hospitality and private education.  A sample of my clients include:

  • Twitter
  • Milestone Technologies
  • Farallon Capital Management LLC
  • KQED
  • Auberge Resorts Collection
  • Lucille Packard Foundation for Children's Health
  • Wareham Development
  • Bayada Home Health Care 
  • Plumpjack Collection
  • Hillbrook School
  • Marin Primary and Middle School
  • San Francisco Day School
Portrait of Jane Howard

What I do

Now is your time to become a better leader.

Success as a leader is not as simple as imitating others who lead. It depends on your ability to become more of who you truly are and bringing that self to work.  Receiving coaching takes courage, but it results in a life that is ultimately happier and more successful because it is truly your life with you at your very best.

As a coach and consultant, I’m practical in how I solve problems. Direct but supportive, my belief that our brains at any age are wired for change — and the science that supports it — underpins our work together, which is guided by connection, support, intention and collaboration. Through an in-depth look at your personality, beliefs and background, we discover methods for change that correlate to improved performance at work and a more fulfilled work life.

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Coaching is a profound opportunity for leaders to gain insight, identify blind spots and reframe limiting beliefs with a nonjudgmental guide. Practical and full of candor, my approach is direct but compassionate, inspired by the back-and-forth of dialogue which leads us to greater insights that power your growth. As your coach, I’m your advocate, here to help you feel seen, heard and directed towards opportunities for growth and change so you can experience greater success, meaning and contentment at work.

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Conflict resolution

Some conflicts in the workplace are simply too difficult to resolve without a third party. As an executive coach with significant experience helping others in conflict, I help organizations and individuals resolve even the most challenging conflicts through coaching and facilitated conversation so both parties get the support they need to confront truths, understand the impact their conflict is having on their team, see their actions from another point of view and come to a resolution that is satisfying for all parties.

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Sometimes in my coaching role, clients ask me to put on my consulting hat and help with direct conversation in my areas of expertise which include human resources, talent management, organizational development and sales. As a former executive, I will bring my 30+ years of experience to the table to help you, your team and your company achieve desired goals.

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Culture Change and Team Building

Simply stated, culture is the most powerful lever for increasing organizational effectiveness. My experience as Chief People Officer in helping a 3,000-person organization reduce turnover to half of the industry average has been of value to many of my clients seeking to refine their culture and build a more effective environment with happier employees. 

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Custom Workshops

In addition to coaching, I am an experienced facilitator who delivers customized team building and leadership development workshops in one-half day, one-day and two-day formats. I facilitate workshops and corporate retreats that are very engaging and move your team or company forward.  To get a better idea of the participant experience in my workshops, take a look at my client comments:  

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How It Works

Together, we identify the most effective ways to meet your goals. Through inquiry and the back-and-forth of dialogue, we discover your objectives and create a customized action plan that meets your particular needs.

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What you can expect from working with me

My coaching clients walk away seeing things differently and feeling much more comfortable at work, often advancing at work and able to chart a clear path forward. Additionally, conflict resolution clients have found themselves able to proceed through what seemed to them like intractable conflict, to amicable resolution and a return to productive cooperation.

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“Prior to working with Jane, we had a number of dysfunctions that we were unable to come to grips with. Jane forced us (in the kindest and gentlest of ways) to look our dysfunction in the face and deal with it. Even when the conversations got prickly, Jane was able to calmly step in and make each member of our team see our roles and culpability in the dysfunction, which resulted in all of us taking more responsibility for our actions — and understanding what drove them — so that we are now able to work better together. ”

Tim Stannard

CEO, Bacchus Management Group

“Our firm has referred numerous clients to Jane for her expertise and skill in executive coaching, conflict resolution, and leadership training. Those clients have had nothing but glowing reviews of Jane’s assistance to them. Jane is the ultimate professional. Her work, professionalism, and advice are impeccable, she is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend her without reservations.”

Lisa van Krieken

Partner, Folger Levin LLP

“Jane has done exceptional work for a wide range of our corporate and nonprofit clients. She effectively assesses dysfunction and conflict within working groups and implements strategies to resolve these challenges. Jane has been successful in helping clients solve even seemingly intractable conflicts.”

Susan Ansberry

Partner, Folger Levin LLP

“Jane, thank you for an amazing team building exercise and steering us in the right direction as we build our culture. You are an incredible coach!”

Brendan Carlin

GM Cavallo Point

“Jane not only provides useful, direct and constructive feedback, but she also offers concrete suggestions and practical techniques to implement lasting solutions.”

Finance Executive

“Jane facilitated an engaging, outstanding, insightful, and truly excellent 2-day workshop. I have heard many positive comments about how awesome the workshop was for our people. There were several participants who did not really want to be there, but by the end, even those people felt it was extremely worthwhile. The way Jane engaged everyone and encouraged dialogue while keeping us on track was amazing. We all left feeling energized and confident!”

Debra Sallen

Director of Human Resources, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health

“Jane’s positivity and true interest in the complex puzzle of personality in the workplace puts her on top of her field. Her diverse background gives her not only depth of experience but breadth as well. She has a unique perspective to see relationships and leadership styles from a holistic vantage point. She improved my ability to connect with and lead people as well as my ability to strategically assess turbulent situations.”

VP Level Operations Leader

“In my company’s four years of working with Jane, she has become a trusted advisor and coach to our senior leadership team. We’ve made enormous strides in understanding and clarifying our culture, which Jane has brought to life with a practical feet-on-the-ground perspective and action plan. She is particularly skilled at telling it like it is without friction or emotion, but with candor and intelligence. Jane motivates the team to embellish where we excel, and address and confront the negative results.”

David S. Brown

President, Grand Pacific Resorts

“Jane facilitated two days of interesting content and clearly significant team building sessions for strong, opinionated and very seasoned executives. Through two intense and very enjoyable days, we focused on building trust, how we handle conflict, embrace accountability, achieve commitments and deliver results. I don’t know how, but Jane managed to get everyone so comfortable. We opened up to each other in a way we never did in the years working together. Jane made the ‘first team’ concept real and got all of us to shift our perspectives. Since the workshop, I already see us working together better, and with a different sense of understanding and commitment to each other and to the company. We can’t thank her enough."

Natalie Heroux

SVP and GM, Silicon Valley Tech Company

“Jane’s work has imbued its footprint on our ways of being. She has helped me immensely to clarify my strengths and navigate a very emotional time in my life. Your personal touch, ability to connect with people and have them feel safe while being extremely vulnerable is a true gift. I was able to share with you and develop trust in a way that is rare for me, and ultimately was very freeing and cathartic.”

Michelin-Starred Executive Chef, San Francisco Restaurant Company

“Jane’s approach, demeanor and materials are top notch. More importantly, she treats the group as adults and brings a sense of camaraderie and humility to the proceedings. I look forward to doing more of these, and I have never said that about a seminar before.”

Director of Operations, Four Star Resort

About Me

Jane Howard

As a former VP of Development and Sales at Kimpton Group and Chief People Officer at Joie de Vivre, my coaching approach is a direct result of my background as an executive. My experience spans human resources, sales, real estate and hospitality with direct experience in leadership development, organizational development, conflict resolution and culture assessment and change that leads to greater employee satisfaction and retention. 

With an MA in Organizational Development, certification as an NLP coach, and years of experience working for a $300 million hospitality company, I understand the obstacles and pitfalls that leaders experience in high and fast-growth companies. As an executive coach, I use coaching, team building and conflict resolution as powerful tools for intervention that help leaders who face challenges at work effectively change and leave a legacy they can be proud of. From CEOs to mid-level managers and directors, I’ve been able to connect with clients in ways that empower them to take the steps necessary to achieve greater success.

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